Here’s a sweet baby quilt I made for a friend. Truth be told, I was in kind of a quilting funk. Best way to get out of it, making a quilt for a friend using an easy to follow pattern! The pattern is from Pen and Paper.

I used some fat quarters from a Fat Quarter Shop subscription. They were fun and colorful, just perfect for a baby quilt.

Each bird is sewn the same way, one is the mirrored image of the other. Although the pattern says it’s for an advanced beginner, I did have some issues with matching seems. I would classify it as intermediate to advanced. It’s a lot of half square triangles and snow balling corners. Plus, there are a lot of seems to match for each block.

Each bird has black fabric for the eyes, beak, and tail. I used two types of yellow fabric for the half square triangles, so it looks like the sun is shining on each bird.

Each bird was quilted a little different. The top of the head, I quilted wavy lines. The chest had an upside down clam shell design. I thought both mimicked feathers quite well. I played around with the body of each bird, some had waves, echoed clams, and flowers. For the background, I switched between swirls and pebbles. The tail, beak, eyes, and triangles were unquilted.

For the back of the quilt, I used a grunge purple and added a little start using the leftover snowballed blocks from making the birds.

I thought it was a nice treat to see on the back. 🙂

Lastly, I used a striped, rainbow binding. I thought it added a fun feature for the quilt.

I was able to travel back to New Jersey and New York over the past holiday and hand delivered the quilt my friend. There’s no better way to get you out of a funk than to see an old friend with her new baby!

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  1. I love this so much!! I just found this pattern while thinking about blocks to use in a baby quilt, so I’m so happy I found your blog post! I love all of the colors you used in your birdies, and the quilting is phenomenal!! How big did your finished quilt end up?

    1. Hi Lauren, thank you so much! To be honest, I didn’t measure the quilt top before I gifted it. 🙂 Best guess would be 45″ by 45″.

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