Fat Quarter Surgical Face Mask

You can make your own surgical face with one fat quarter. Download the instructions or follow this post.

Materials Needed

  1. One fat quarter made of 100 percent cotton (18 inches by 21 inches)
  2. Scissors or Rotary Blade and Mat
  3. Ruler
  4. Cotton Thread
  5. Sewing Machine
  6. Iron

Cutting Instructions

Fat Quarter Cutting Instructions

Take your fat quarter and cut as shown:

(1) 9 x 14 Inch Rectangle

(4) 1.5 x 21 Inch Strips

Sewing Instructions

  • Take the 9 x 14 rectangle and fold in half with right sides touching.
  • Sew a ¼ inch seam on the opposite side of the fold. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and the end of the seam.
Sew the Mask 1
  • Flip the rectangle inside out so the right side of the fabric is facing outward.
  • Topstitch on the two sides a ¼ inch seam from the edge.
Sew the Mask 2
  • Fold the rectangle in half lengthwise with the wrong side touching. Iron this fold.
  • Open the fold, take both ends and fold them inward with wrong sides touching to the ironed line. Iron these folds. This will divide the rectangle into thirds.
  • Open the rectangle and create a ½ inch pleat downward at the three folds.  
Add Pleats to the Mask
  • Baste the two sides by an 1/8 inch to ensure the pleats won’t come apart.
  • Take two of the four strips and intersect the ends with right sides touching. (Right Side is the top of the fabric and the wrong side is the back of the fabric.) Sew a diagonal seam where the two intersect. Trim off the excess fabric, flip the strip straight and iron.
Make Bias Strips
  • Repeat this step for the other two strips.
  • Take both strips, fold and iron in half lengthwise with wrong sides touching. Open the fold. Take each side and fold inwards to the folded seam. Iron again. This will create a long bias strip.
  •  Find the middle of the bias strips and match with the middle of the mask sides. Tuck the mask between the bias strips and pin in place. Sew all the way down the strips to finish the mask.
Finished Mask

Care Instructions

Wash with laundry before using. If you used the recommended materials, place in boiling water for 2 minutes after each use to disinfect. Lay the mask flat to dry. Wash with laundry once a week or when soiled. Iron when needed.


Handmade masks will not protect you against COVID-19 or other pathogens. Masks should be worn as a deterrent to touch your face. It will also create a barrier between you and others but preventative measures like social distancing should always be used.  Please follow all guidelines provided by the CDC and local government.


I would love to see your creations, share them with me on Instagram @sewcomfyquilts or Pinterest. Send an email if you have any questions or comments: scomfyquilts@gmail.com.

Stay safe and healthy!

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